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How Do I Find My Ring Size?

Many chain jewelry stores will happily size your finger at no charge.

A second way to determine your ring size is to take a ring that currently fits you and place it over top a ring sizing chart.  These charts are available online and can be printed for free.

Click here for an example.

If neither of the previous options are available, we will be happy to send you a ring size measuring tool for $5.  You will receive a $5 coupon code with the sizer that can be used as a credit toward your next Sylvan Forge ring.  And the shipping is FREE!

What Kind of Metal Should I Choose for my Ring Core?

Selecting a ring core is an important step in personalizing your ring.  We offer several types of metal cores, all of which have different benefits or drawbacks, depending on who you ask.  All of SFC's ring cores have a comfort fit interior for maximum comfort, regardless of the metal type.


Here's a rundown of the metals we offer:

Stainless Steel: Very durable. A good choice for everyday wear. Budget friendly.  All of our rings come with standard with a stainless steel core.

Black Ceramic: Beautiful, unique black color compared to other metals. Very Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Scratch resistant. Ideal for someone who uses their hands often. Ceramic can crack or chip if treated harshly or dropped.

Tungsten Carbide: One of the hardest and most durable metals available. Scratch resistant like ceramic. Anti-tarnish. Although unlikely, Tungsten can chip or crack if struck with an equally hard material.

Titanium: Though not quite as hard as Tungsten Carbide, Titanium is resistant to most any type of cracking and is lighter in weight than Tungsten Carbide. 

How Do I Care For My Ring?

Wood/Antler Bone: These are naturally porous materials, and even though we put several coats of water resistant finish on our rings, it is not waterproof.  Avoid submerging the rings in water for long periods, exposing them to harsh chemicals such as bleach, or lifting heavy metal materials while wearing.

Regular handwashing, cooking, and showering are perfectly fine.  Just remember to dry your ring off when you're done.

Stainless Steel: Avoid chlorine or salt water as it will remove the luster from the stainless steel.  Soap and water work well for cleaning, though mild Toothpaste and a toothbrush comes recommended.

Tungsten Carbide: This is an extremely hard material.  Mild soap and water clean it up nicely.  Avoid any harsh chemicals.  Be aware that this is an extremely hard material and CAN crack if it comes in hard contact with another extremely hard material (such as tile).

Your ring is an extension of you and should be treated with care.

Do You Restock Materials, such as Woods, Bone, and Metals?

Yes, sort of!  Each piece of jewelry is specially handcrafted and is sourced from different places, trees, or animals. 


Because wood and naturally shed antler bone are living materials, each piece can have a small range in color, tone, and grain patterns.  Often your final piece will not mirror the picture on the internet but have slight variations that make it unique to you.  However, the integrity of the design and craftsmanship will always be the same.

There are times when we sell out of a wood or other material and we are not able to restock it for a time.  Some of our woods or antler bone are limited, so if you see something you love, purchase it before it sells out.  It's possible that a particular wood or other material may be reintroduced later, but there are no guarantees.

Do You Take Custom Orders?

There is a lot going on at Sylvan Forge Creations, so it is difficult to accommodate custom orders.  We are constantly developing new products and sourcing new materials.  But we are very interested in knowing what you have in mind, so send us an email at We'll see what we can do!

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